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Transrotor zet 1 glossy black

Transrotor zet 1 glossy black

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The Zet 1 turntable is a mechanical marvel.

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Transrotor's Zet 1 is a daring model that offers music lovers perfect symmetry and unparalleled precision. With its innovative design and discreet motor, this iconic model is perfect for discovering the subtleties of the finest productions.

Unlike the Transrotor Max, a polished aluminium modular turntable, the Zet1 is a massive belt-driven turntable. It is made from acrylic, chosen for its neutrality and aesthetic qualities. The base is massive and rests on bulky polished aluminium legs, as does the heavy platter mounted on a wide column housing a large diameter spindle for smooth rotation, with a natural torque associated with the moving mass. The turntable weighs a total of 24 kg and is therefore very stable.

The Zet1 is delivered with a Rega RB880 arm, which is simple and efficient thanks to its conical anti-resonant tube and its phono cable without intermediate connectors. The motor is placed directly on the base, and the speed is changed by changing the pulley. The Zet1 can be upgraded with a second motor, another arm, a TMD bearing, an external Konstant1 power supply or an additional chassis to transform it into a Zet3...

The Zet 1 is an ultra-stable turntable, completely free of background noise.

It offers high quality listening, thanks to its microdynamics and resolution. Compared to other belt-driven turntables, the Zet1 is much more rigorous, favouring a form of truth rather than an arrangement with a watered-down view of the music. With the Zet1, you can hear everything, in short, you're right at the heart of the musicians' work.

The Zet1 is clockwork precision, offering an exceptional listening experience. It's a turntable for enthusiasts and tuners, a kind of racing car...

The package includes a Merlo MC cell made for Transrotor by Goldring.

This low impedance cell with a Micro Ridge tip reproducing the shape of the engraving chisel is a real technological jewel. The rotating mass of the turntable is hyperstable and has no background noise, giving us a unique sound experience. The feeling of fullness and depth is heightened and the microdynamics and resolution are breathtaking. The record rests on an acrylic platter cover and the turntable comes with a heavy puck for extra grip.

Listening to Cats Stevens, Cat's voice gives us goosebumps as her presence is so intense. The Zet1 is more rigorous and favours a form of truth rather than an arrangement with a watered-down vision of the music. It explores the groove by letting us hear the work of recording and engraving, giving us a unique experience. With some string instruments, we feel as if we are in the studio in the middle of a recording session, hearing every detail, every note played. We are right in the middle of the musicians' work.

The Zet1 is clockwork precision and we can imagine that the addition of an even more powerful cell would put it in the top league. Moreover, the possible improvements in regulation and motorization would make it even more exceptional. The Zet1 is a turntable designed for enthusiasts and perfectionists, a kind of competition car for demanding music lovers.

Data sheet

zet 1
rega rb 880
mc merlo
aluminium 10 kg
450 x 180 x 400 mm
24 kg