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Transrotor MAX rb880 pack M1

Transrotor MAX rb880 pack M1

Delivery 4 to 6 weeks

Transrotor MAX, High end pack delivered with a Merlo reference cell, a Rega RB 880 arm and the Transrotor M1 power supply Reference 


Pack content

Power supply Transrotor Konstant Reference M1
Power supply Transrotor Konstant Reference M1
x 1
Rega rb 880
Rega rb 880
x 1
Cartridge transrotor Merlo Référence
Cartridge transrotor Merlo Référence
x 1
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The Transrotor Max turntable is equipped with the RB880 arm and the Merlo Reference cartridge. It is accompanied by a very high quality power supply, which places it among the exceptional turntables.


  • beautiful, high-end solid aluminium turntable
  • high quality construction
  • comes with a high quality Merlo Référence MC cartridge
  • supplied with a black RB 880 tone arm
  • External power supply M1 Reference
  • solid aluminium chassis
  • heavy aluminium platter, approx. 7 kg
  • can be equipped with 2 tone arms, the motor is then located on a side stand

The main upper elements such as the platter are made of solid aluminium. Its cylindrical frame is the same size as the platter, also made of aluminium and entirely hand polished in Transrotor's workshops. This solid block is moulded in one piece and has grooves cut into it. The purpose of these grooves is to prevent vibrations from being transmitted. The chassis is supported by three cylindrical feet, also machined from solid, and adjustable in height. 

A brass roller bearing in the axis is fitted with a ceramic ball. This is precisely where the table top is positioned. The high-precision machining avoids any risk of friction, so that the platter rotates very smoothly and without any vibration.

The one-piece machined platter weighs over 7 kg. The same principle of the grooves on the lower part of the platter is used. 

The Transrotor Max is of course upgradeable. You can place the motor inside the chassis to add an automatic selection block on the outside. You can also add 2 pick-up arms of 9 and 12 inches according to your desires or needs.

The Transrotor max is delivered with an independent motor that will be placed on the left of the turntable. To switch from a 33 to a 45 rpm, you just have to move the belt on the lower bearing.

Several options are available such as: a second power pack (Konstant Eins) that allows you to change speed automatically (33 rpm and 45 rpm). Different cells and tone arms can be easily interchanged.

Transrotor max

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Transrotor official catalogue

Transrotor official catalogue-FR

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Transrotor official catalogue-DE

Transrotor official catalogue-DE

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Data sheet

Rega RB 880
MC Merlo Référence
Solid aluminium
Aluminium, approx. 7 kg
(W x D x H): 44 x 33 x 17 cm
20 kg