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Transrotor DarkStar Silver Shadow pack

Transrotor DarkStar Silver Shadow pack

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Dark Star Silver Shadow turntable with figaro transrotor arm and Konstant power supply reference m1


Pack content

Power supply Transrotor Konstant Reference M1
Power supply Transrotor Konstant Reference M1
x 1
Bras Transrotor TRA 9
Bras Transrotor TRA 9
x 1
Cartridge Transrotor Figaro
Cartridge Transrotor Figaro
x 1
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The ultimate version of the darkstar silver shadow pack.

The darkstar is accompanied by the brand new arm created and developed by transrotor, the TRA9. Add to this arm the transrotor figaro cell and power supply and you have an exceptional wedding.

The design of the Silver Shadow version brings in addition to a different design a balanced sound. The mix of POM and polished aluminium materials combined with the different chromed parts has created a balance between the low tones and the high mids.

This mixture has resulted in a very stable construction, with very good resonance damping qualities. The bearing is our 'usual' bearing, a steel bolt with a ceramic ball in a brass housing, heavily oversized so that there are no problems with noise or bearing stability. The turntable can be equipped with our own tone arms (based on the Jelco design) or with SME arms.


  • upgradeable version 
  • Second 30 mm POM subframe
  • POM and chrome aluminium finish
  • delivery with Figaro mc cartridge
  • delivery with Transrotor TRA 9 tone arm
  • power supply Konstant reference M1
  • POM chassis

What is the link between the Silver Shadow and the early Transrotor models?

"The look and the name"

We use weights on the deck which has been the hallmark of Transrotor for a very long time. And then there's the name; one of the first models in the 1970s and 1980s was called Golden Shadow.

Data sheet

Darkstar silver shadow
Transrotor TRA 9
mc figaro
POM 30 mm
POM 60 mm
460 x 220 x 340 mm
30 kg