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Transrotor zet 1 : Exclusive Promotional

Transrotor zet 1 : Exclusive Promotional

€5,650.00 Save €550.00

The Zet 1 turntable is a mechanical marvel.

Unboxed Special Offer: Never Used

Exclusive Bundle: Goldring Merlo MC Cartridge & Rega RB880 Tonearm

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Exclusive Promotional Offer: Discover the Transrotor Zet 1!

Immerse yourself in the world of music with the Transrotor Zet 1, a bold turntable that offers perfect symmetry and unparalleled precision. Designed for true audiophiles, this iconic model reveals the finest nuances of even the most intricate productions, thanks to its innovative design and discreet motor.

Special Offer: Unboxed, But Unused Model

Take advantage of this exclusive offer on an unboxed but never used model. This unique opportunity allows you to acquire the Zet 1 in pristine condition at a reduced price!

Outstanding Features:

  • Massive and Stable Construction:

    • Peripheral belt drive
    • Made from acrylic for neutrality and aesthetic perfection
    • Massive base on voluminous polished aluminum feet
    • Heavy platter mounted on a wide column with a large-diameter spindle for smooth rotation
    • Total weight of 24 kg for optimal stability
  • High-Performance Equipment:

    • Rega RB880 tonearm with resonance-free tapered tube and phono cable without intermediate connectors
    • Motor mounted directly on the base, with speed adjustable by changing the pulley
    • Upgradable turntable with options for adding a second motor, another tonearm, a TMD bearing, an external Konstant1 power supply, or an additional chassis to transform it into a Zet 3

Unmatched Listening Experience:

The Zet 1 offers high-quality, noise-free playback thanks to its exceptional microdynamics and resolution. Unlike other belt-driven turntables, the Zet 1 emphasizes musical precision and authenticity. Every detail, every note, and every nuance of the recordings are faithfully reproduced, placing you at the heart of the musicians' work.

Exclusive Package:

  • MC Merlo Cartridge by Goldring:
    • Low impedance with Micro Ridge stylus for precise replication of the cutting chisel
    • Hyperstable rotating mass for absolute noise-free operation
    • Acrylic platter mat and heavy record clamp for better adhesion

Unforgettable Sound Sensations:

Listen to your favorite albums, such as those by Cat Stevens, with a presence and intensity that will give you goosebumps. The Zet 1 transports you directly into the recording studio, revealing every detail and musical nuance.

Treat Yourself to Acoustic Perfection:

The Transrotor Zet 1 is designed for enthusiasts and perfectionists. It is the racing car of turntables, offering clockwork precision and top-tier audio performance. With its numerous upgrade options for regulation and motorization, it will satisfy even the most demanding audiophiles.

Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to acquire the Transrotor Zet 1 and transform your listening experience. Contact us today for more information and to place your order!

Transrotor Zet 1 - Enter the world of absolute high fidelity.

Data sheet

zet 1
rega rb 880
mc merlo
aluminium 10 kg
450 x 180 x 400 mm
24 kg