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Transrotor Fat bob s

Transrotor Fat bob s TMD

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FAT BOB S turntable with solid aluminium frame.

Solid aluminium top 60 mm.

TMD bearing

Tonearm (Without)
Cartridges Transrotor (Without)
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In this basic version, the Fat Bob S is equipped with a rega rb 330 tone arm and a Uccello MM cartridge.

With the Transrotor Fat Bob (and the current S version), Transrotor inaugurated a line of turntables without a recognisable chassis: the base of the turntable is no larger than the platter. The motor is placed on an external block, the bases for the tone arm protrude from the imposing base. The smaller Max is also based on this idea, but the Fat Bob was the first - and has maintained a certain lead to this day.


    Scalable turntable
    Version with TMD bearing
    comes with a high quality Uccello - MM cartridge
    delivered with a black RB 330 tone arm
    solid aluminium chassis
    heavy aluminium platter, approx. 7 kg
    can be equipped with 2 tone arms, the motor is then located on a side support

The Fat Bob is made entirely of aluminium. Its weight of 25 kilos clearly designates it as a mass player.

The frameless drive concept makes the Fat Bob extremely versatile: a second tone arm can be installed without any problem and it is just as easy to install longer tone arms of 12 inches. This is not possible with most conventional decks on the market. And of course, the Fat Bob can also be equipped with power supplies, pickups and more.

And what exactly does the "S" in the Fat Bob's name mean? It is equipped with a brilliant TMD magnetic bearing as standard, because it is absolutely frictionless. At Transrotor, this high-tech bearing is normally reserved for larger models. But thanks to this bearing, the Fat Bob S from Transrotor is perhaps even quieter than its predecessors and every improvement is even more audible.

Transrotor official catalogue

Transrotor official catalogue-FR

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Transrotor official catalogue-DE

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Data sheet

fat bob s TMD
40 mm thick, hand-polished aluminium frame
Aluminium deck, 60 mm, approx. 12 kg, black acrylic deck cover
(L x P x H): 44 cm x 38 cm x 18 cm
25 kg