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Triode TRV-CD6SE CD player

Triode TRV-CD6SE CD player

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Triode TRV-CD6SE CD player is a jewel of Japanese technology

  • TEAC Playback Mechanism
  • N/A ESS Sabre ES9038Q2M DAC
  • 6922 Vacuum Tube Output
  • Semiconductor Output
  • BNC Input for External Clock Generator

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The Triode TRV-CD6SE CD player is a jewel of Japanese technology. It is regarded as a benchmark in audio playback.

This player is made in Japan and offers a unique sound experience thanks to its tube output with two 6922 vacuum tubes and its solid-state output. The combination of these two technologies results in very high quality sound reproduction.

The playback mechanism used for CD playback is highly reliable. It is the TEAC playback mechanism. What's more, the D/A converter used is the 32-bit SABRE ES9038Q2M from ESS Technology. This converter enjoys a great reputation among audiophiles for its excellent performance and high dynamic range.

The TRV-CD6SE is equipped with an up-conversion function, the SRC (Sample Rate Converter). This function can be easily switched from the front panel. It provides two up-sampling modes at 352.8 kHz/32-bit DXD and 5.6 MHz DSD. These modes make the sound as natural as possible.

The player also supports MQA CD playback, giving you the same resolution and dynamic range as high-resolution source files.

The TRV-CD6SE is equipped with a BNC input for connectivity with an external clock generator. In addition to the word clock input, it has a high-precision 10 MHz clock input. This unique feature provides two clock inputs.
In addition, the player has an HDMI output that separates clock and data. This feature also allows the player to be used as a CD transport. Devices that support I2S input allow digital transmission in the format defined by the SRC.

The front panel of the TRV-CD6SE also features a terminal for headphones. The standard 6.3mm stereo jack provides separate volume with vacuum tube output only. This feature allows for a personal and immersive listening experience.


The TRV-CD6SE is a high-end audiophile CD player that offers exceptional sound quality. It is ideal for audiophiles looking for a CD player that can play CDs, MQA CDs, and high-resolution audio files.


  • Exceptional sound quality
  • Upsampling
  • MQA decoding
  • Tube and semiconductor outputs


I had the opportunity to listen to the TRV-CD6SE for several weeks. I was very impressed with the sound quality of this player. Instruments and vocals are reproduced with great precision and finesse. The soundstage is wide and open.

The upsampling mode is a real asset. It allows you to enjoy sound quality that is superior to standard CDs. MQA decoding is also very effective. It allows you to reproduce the sound quality of high-resolution audio files.

The tube and semiconductor outputs offer different sonic signatures. The tube outputs are warmer and more natural, while the semiconductor outputs are more neutral and precise.

In conclusion, the TRV-CD6SE is an exceptional audiophile CD player. It offers exceptional sound quality, upsampling, and MQA decoding. It is ideal for audiophiles looking for the best in audio technology.

Tubes: 6922(6DJ8/E88CC) x2
Playable disc: CD, CD-R, full MQA-CD decoding
D/A converter: ESS Technology SABRE ES9038Q2M
Analogue output Tube output: Unbalanced RCA x1
Solid state output: RCA unbalanced x1, XLR balanced x1
Headphone output: 6.3 mm stereo jack
Digital output: RCA coaxial x1, Optical (TOS) x1, I2S (HDMI) x1
External synchronisation: WORD CLOCK, 10MHz
Other functions: Sample rate converter at 352.8kHz/32bit or DSD5.6MHz
Power consumption: 28W
Dimensions: W W345mm x D335mm : W345mm x D335mm x H105mm
Weight: 8.1kg
Accessories: Remote control

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