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Triode TRX-EQ7 MM and MC phono preamplifier

Triode TRX-EQ7 MM and MC phono preamplifier

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Triode TRX-EQ7 high-end phono preamplifier

RCA input and output

46 dB MM and 64 dB MC amplification

Dedicated power supply

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The top-of-the-range Triode TRX-EQ7 phono preamplifier features a Class A FET semiconductor circuit.

It has an RCA input and an RCA output, with an input sensitivity of 2.5 mV for MM cartridges and 0.25 mV for MC cartridges. Amplification gain is 46 dB for MM and 64 dB for MC, with an output impedance of 300 Ohm. The dedicated power supply adds extra value to this device.
The TRX-EQ7 is a phono equaliser amplifier that stands out for its exceptional performance in its price range.

It replaces the previous model, the TRX-EQ6, and offers an increase of around 10dB in amplification gain. This makes it easier to use and allows you to enjoy the sound quality of vinyl records in a natural, immersive way.

The increase in gain can sometimes lead to an increase in noise. However, Triode's engineers have managed to solve this problem by placing the power supply section outside the chassis. As a result, the TRX-EQ7 offers both increased amplification gain and reduced noise.

Thanks to the TRX-EQ7, it is possible to use an integrated amplifier without a dedicated phono input to enjoy analogue playback by connecting it to this device. What's more, if the amplifier has an MM phono input but no MC input, MC cartridges can be used by connecting to the LINE input via the TRX-EQ7. Switching between MM and MC modes is very easy thanks to the front switch.

In conclusion, the Triode TRX-EQ7 phono preamplifier offers exceptional performance and great flexibility, enabling audiophiles to enjoy their vinyl collection to the full, whatever their audio equipment.

MC circuit Class A FET
RIAA deviation ±0.5dB(20Hz-20kHz)
Total harmonic distortion 0.025%
Channel separation 70dB
Input terminals 1 (RCA)
Input sensitivity MM 2.5mV, MC 0.25mV
Adaptable impedance MM 47kΩ, MC 4Ω-47Ω
Gain MM 46dB, MC 64dB
Output terminals 1 (RCA)
Output impedance 300Ω
Power input With AC/DC power adapter (DC36V/1A)
Dimensions W90mm x D230mm x H100mm
Weight 1.0kg

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