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TRIODE Evolution integrated amplifier

TRIODE Evolution integrated amplifier

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Top-of-the-range tube amplifier

The Triode EVOLUTION integrated stereo tube amplifier

push-pull configuration with KT88 tubes

output power of 40W + 40W into 8 ohms.

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The TRIODE EVOLUTION tube amplifier has an innovative, robust design.

This KT88 tube amplifier is renowned for its transparency and speed, delivering exceptional sound quality.

The TRIODE EVOLUTION is capable of playing all musical genres with power and rhythm. The most demanding audiophiles even consider this amplifier to be a true Rock and Roll amplifier.

The Triode EVOLUTION integrated stereo tube amplifier is considered to be an advanced version of the "TRV-88SER". Its circuit is based on a push-pull configuration with KT88 tubes, guaranteeing an output power of 40W + 40W at 8 ohms.

This power is obtained thanks to a powerful power supply circuit using a large toroidal transformer and a Schottky SiC barrier diode. In this way, the amplifier can easily drive most loudspeakers.

While inheriting the bright, fun sound of its little brother, the Evolution achieves a much higher, easily perceptible level of reproduction quality. The scenic reconstruction is wider and the expressive character more relaxed and natural, giving the impression of a modern, high-quality sound.

For the first time from Triode, the Evolution adopts a high-quality electronic volume system, which minimises signal path, improves crosstalk and left/right channel separation and enhances spatial expression.

Aesthetically, the Evolution is built to the brand's usual high quality standards, with meticulous attention to the smallest detail and to the premium MUSASHI specification. It boasts an elegant piano black finish.

A large display shows volume and input, adding to the aesthetic and functional appeal. The brightness of the display can be dimmed or switched off using the supplied remote control, which can also be used to switch the amplifier on and off.

When the machine is switched on, a 30-second countdown starts to allow the valves to stabilise and make the machine operational. The gauge and bias adjustment are conveniently located on top of the chassis.

Finally, the Evolution can also be used as a power amplifier by switching the switch on the rear panel.

Circuit system KT88 class AB push-pull integrated amplifier
Tubes KT88 x 4, 12AX7 x 2, 12AU7 x 2
Bias Fixed bias, adjustable with bias meter
Output power 40W+40W at 8 ohms
Frequency response 17Hz-63kHz(-2dB)
S/N ratio 93dB
Input sensitivity LINE 320mV, MAIN IN 670mV
Input impedance LINE 100k ohm, MAIN IN 100k ohm
Input terminals RCA unbalanced x 5(LINE1-4 , MAIN IN x 1)
Output terminals
Speaker output terminals 4 ~8 ohms
Equipped components High quality speaker terminal
Other functions Remote control (Standby/On, Volume , Mute, Input select, Dimmer)
Bias adjuster with bias meter
Power consumption 310W (170W/No signal)
Dimensions W440mm x D330mm x H210mm
Weight 30.0kg
Accessories Tube cover, Remote control

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