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TRIODE TRV-88SER integrated amplifier

TRIODE TRV-88SER integrated amplifier

Delay 1 to 4 weeks

KT88 push-pull power tubes

Tubes : KT88 x4 , 12AX7 x1 , 12AU7 x2

Powerful, warm sound

MM line and phono inputs

Headphone or speaker power supply

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The compact TRV-88SER integrated amplifier is a marvel of musical technology. With its KT88 tubes, which operate in both Class AB and push-pull modes, it delivers exceptional sound quality.

The input stage is powered by a dual 12AX7 triode, while the KT88 valves are driven by two 12AU7 tubes. The high quality finish is immediately evident, thanks to the magnificent red side panels and steel protective cover. Everything is hand-assembled to guarantee impeccable build quality.

Ins & Outs

The TRV-88SER is the ideal brain of your Hi-Fi system. With its built-in MM phono preamp and headphone output on the aluminium front panel, you can connect a turntable and high-quality headphones in no time. A quick test revealed that the TRV-88SER is capable of driving this equipment with absolute ease.

The TRV-88SER also has two unbalanced inputs at the rear and another pair at the front. The front-panel slot is handy for connecting music from a smartphone or tablet, for example. In addition, there is an output labelled 'Rec Out' which can be used if you want to use the amplifier as a power amp or in 'HT Bypass' mode.

The speaker outputs are fitted with 6 ohm and 8 ohm sockets, all of which are high quality and very rigid. Triode claims them to be of American origin.

Having tested a wide range of musical genres, the Triode TRV-88SER is a real musician. If we want to be very critical, we might find a weakness in the upper frequency ranges, which lack a little detail and 'sparkle'. However, this is more than compensated for by the performance across the entire frequency spectrum, in particular the tonality, presence and control of the low frequency region. Ultimately, the TRV-88SER is an amplifier of choice for all audiophiles looking to get the most out of their music.

The TRV-88SER is a great choice for many audiophiles. With its integrated phono stage, headphone output and affordable price of E3,480, it can be the jewel in your hi-fi system.


    Tubes: 4 x KT88, 1 x 12AX7, 2 x 12AU7
    Output power: 45W+45W at 8 ohms
    Frequency response: 10Hz-100kHz(-1,-4dB)
    S/N ratio: 90dB
    Input sensitivity: LINE 400mV , MM 2.5mV
    Input impedance: LINE 100k ohm , MM 47k ohm
    Input terminals: 3 x RCA unbalanced (LINE1-3), 1 x MM Phono
    Output terminals: 1 x REC OUT
    Speaker output terminals: 6 - 8 ohms
    Headphone output: 6.3mm stereo jack
    Equipped components: KOA high precision resistors (Japan), High quality coupling capacitors, High quality speaker terminal (USA)
    Other functions: Remote control (Volume, Mute)
    Dimensions: W345mm x D320mm x H185mm
    Weight: 17kg

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