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TRIODE TRV-88XR - Integrated amplifier

TRIODE TRV-88XR - Integrated amplifier

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Class AB integrated stereo Push-Pull tube amplifier,

Tubes used 4x KT88 - 2x 12AU7 - 1x 12AX7,

Rated power 35 W at 8 ohms,

Phono MM input,

6.3 mm headphone output,

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Triode Corporation's TRV-88XR is a top-of-the-range integrated tube amplifier that demonstrates Japanese attention to finish and fit, as well as exceptional sound quality, all at an affordable price.

This amplifier is an evolution of the much-loved TRV-88SER model, and is even easier to use thanks to a polarimeter mounted on top of the chassis for simpler polarisation adjustment. The cabinet and engineering are similar to those of the 88SER model, but the TRV-88XR is even more versatile, offering the possibility of experimenting with new sounds by replacing the KT88 power tubes with EL34s, simply by flipping a switch after replacing the tubes.

The use of a powerful power supply combining a large toroidal power transformer and a Schottky SiC barrier diode means that a high output power of 35W + 35W can be firmly supported.
The elegant cabinet has a wealth of connections at the rear, with three line inputs, a phono input for MM cartridges with equaliser, and a headphone output with 6.3 mm jack.

The TRV-88XR is also enriched by the presence of a newly-designed remote control, made of machined aluminium and with a heavy, luxurious appearance, which can be used to adjust volume, mute and switch inputs, making the user experience much more practical.
In short, the TRV-88XR is a high-quality, versatile and easy-to-use amplifier that delivers exceptional sound quality at an affordable price, and is packed with practical features for the ultimate user experience.

KT88 class AB push-pull integrated amplifier

Circuit system KT88 class AB push-pull integrated amplifier
Tubes KT88 x 4, 12AX7 x 1, 12AU7 x 2
Bias Fixed bias, adjustable with bias meter
Output power 35W+35W at 8 ohms
Frequency response 10Hz-90kHz(-4dB)
S/N ratio 90dB
Input sensitivity LINE 340mV, MM 2.5mV
Input impedance LINE 100k ohm, MM 47k ohm
Input terminals RCA unbalanced x 4(LINE1-3 , MM x 1)
Output terminals -
Speaker output terminals 4 ~8 ohms
Equipped components High quality speaker terminal
Other functions Remote control (Volume , Mute, Input select)
Bias adjuster with bias meter
EL34 can be used with tube select switch(KT88/EL34)
Power consumption 280W (120W/No signal)
Dimensions W345mm x D320mm x H185mm
Weight 17.0kg
Accessories Tube cover, Remote control

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