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TRIODE Musashi

TRIODE Musashi integrated amplifier

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Top-of-the-range integrated amplifier with Class AB push-pull tubes,

Tubes used 4x KT150 - 4x 12AU7,

Rated power 100 W at 8 ohms,

Phono MM input

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Triode Corporation, a Japanese company founded in 1994, manufactures top-of-the-range tube amplifiers.

One of its most prized products is the Musashi, a commemorative high-end tube amplifier designed to celebrate the brand's 25th anniversary.

The Musashi is also the first integrated amplifier designed by Triode with KT150 valves, a quartet of power valves capable of producing up to 100 Wpc over 8 ohms, guaranteeing the dynamic and powerful sound characteristic of this type of valve.

The power supply section supporting the large KT150 output tube is fitted with a high-capacity toroidal transformer and the rectifier uses a fast-response, low-loss SiC Schottky barrier diode, which, combined with the toroidal transformer, gives an efficient and powerful power supply with good response.

The sleek, well-finished chassis is made from stainless steel, which not only gives it an attractive chromatic sheen that won't go unnoticed, but also makes it extremely robust.

The top panels of the three large transformers are made of 8 mm thick aluminium to reduce transformer vibration and improve heat dissipation. On the front panel, a pointer meter monitors the output tube bias current, enabling the bias to be easily adjusted.

The set of connections is also very rich: on the rear panel, four sets of unbalanced RCA inputs are available for line-level sources, as well as an input for the moving magnet phono stage.

Finally, although the Musashi has been designed as an integrated amplifier, it can also be used as a power amplifier by switching a rear panel switch to MAIN IN. In this way, the input signal to the MAIN IN socket bypasses the input selector and volume control, being sent directly to the power amplifier circuit.

KT150 class AB push-pull integrated amplifier

Circuit system KT150 class AB push-pull integrated amplifier
Tubes KT150 x 4, 12AU7 x 4
Bias Fixed bias, adjustable with bias meter
Output power 100W+100W at 8 ohms
Frequency response 8Hz-70kHz(-3dB)
S/N ratio 93dB
Input sensitivity LINE 480mV, MM 2.5mV, MAIN IN 920mV
Input impedance LINE 100k ohm, MM 47k ohm, MAIN IN 10k ohm
Input terminals RCA unbalanced x 6(LINE1-4 , MM x 1, MAIN IN x 1)
Output terminals TAPE OUT x 1(RCA unbalanced)
Speaker output terminals 4~8 ohms
Equipped components High quality speaker terminal
Other functions Remote control (Volume , Mute, Input select)
Bias adjuster with bias meter
Power consumption 520W (190W/No signal)
Dimensions W440mm x D370mm x H220mm
Weight 34.5kg
Accessories Tube cover , Remote control

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