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Hana SL

Hana SL

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The new Hana SL cell will delight all discerning vinyl enthusiasts who value the timbre and silkiness of analogue reproduction.

The noise reduction is particularly well done, with an incredibly low noise level that almost allows you to detect a hissing sound.

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Hana SL : A Perfectly Balanced Sound

Hello to all music lovers! Today I would like to tell you about the Hana SL, a low level version of the famous SH cell. With its 0.5 mV output, it is compatible with all Phono MC preamplifiers available on the market. Hana recommends a load greater than 400 Ohms for optimum performance.

Despite the lack of details on the design and technology of the generator, this cell is a real gem for your ears!

Hana SL: A Diamond of Quality

The aluminium cantilever is light and neutral, as is the case with the entire Hana range. This version is equipped with a superb elliptical diamond with a "Nude Shibata" profile. This precision-polished profile allows the diamond to offer optimal sound reproduction by perfectly following the sides of the groove. Surface noise is almost non-existent, leaving all the room for the music!

Hana SL: Elegant Design

The body of the Hana SL is made of a synthetic material similar to Delrin, with a satin black finish that gives it an elegant appearance. This cell not only performs well, it also looks good!

The Hana SL: Accurate Sound Reproduction

When loaded with 100 Ohms, the balance is soft, slightly attenuated with a lack of clarity. We recommend setting your phono preamp to a value above 400 Ohms. The best result will be obtained after breaking in by setting your phono preamp to 600 Ohms.

From the very first measurements, we were amazed by the quality of reproduction offered by the Hana SL cell. The music is very nuanced and natural, with a perfect tonal balance. All the instruments are perfectly in their place, allowing an easy reading of the work. The bass is particularly taut and articulate, the midrange is considered to be close to perfection, and the voices are present and perfectly defined with a touch of human warmth. There is no aggression or sibilance.

The quality of the Shibata diamond is undeniable, and the surface noise level is one of the lowest in this category.

    MC moving coil phono cell
    Low Level
    Diamond Nude Shibata Integral
    ALNICO Magnets
    4N Copper Coils
    Recommended holding force: 2g
    Recommended load: 400 to 600 ohms