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transrotor leonardo

Transrotor Leonardo

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Leonardo 40/60 turntable with translucent acrylic chassis

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The Leonardo 40/60 TMD comes in a 40mm clear acrylic frame, 60mm matte platter, TMD bearing and is fitted with an aluminium arm base for a 9" tone arm. On this model the Rega RB 330 with a Uccello cell.

The arm base can be ordered to suit the tone arm mounting specification of your choice. Standard packaging includes the Konstant Studio power supply and the record weight (aluminium 370 grams). As an option, the Konstant Studio power supply can be supplemented with the Konstant M1 or Konstant Eins to improve speed accuracy.


  • acrylic chassis
  • 60 mm matte platter
  • equipped with a TMD bearing

The appearance of the Transrotor Leonardo 40/60 is dominated by a 60 mm thick matt platter, polished to a satin finish.

For more than 20 years, Transrotor has been using acrylic alloys for its chainrings. The acrylic/vinyl composite is cast in blocks and its properties are perfectly matched to the vinyl material of the record.
However, this truly ideal material can only be processed with a great deal of experience. The specialists at the German company have mastered it perfectly.

The thermal expansion in connection with the metal bearing of the turntable must be taken into account.
During machining, the plate is therefore held in a vacuum clamping device, which prevents partial deformation.
After the main machining process, the plate is stored (annealed) in a heating cabinet, thus neutralising the small material tensions.
The last step is the adaptation to the hydrodynamic plate bearing. The finished platter bearing combination works without any noise.

The platter and the record are in harmony as if they were one.

Transrotor official catalogue

Transrotor official catalogue-FR

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Transrotor official catalogue-DE

Transrotor official catalogue-DE

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Data sheet

Leonardo 40-60 TMD
acrilyc transparent 40 mm
matt 60 mm
(L x P x H) 44 x 39 x 19 cm
24 kg