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Transrotor headphone amplifier

Transrotor headphone amplifier

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Transrotor headphone amplifier

Volume control from -80 to +20 db

Can be used without tone controls (defeat function)

2 RCA outputs, one fixed and one with volume control.

Direct connection to a power amplifier

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The Transrotor headphone amplifier lets you fine-tune volume, balance and control your sound. Tone and balance controls can be overridden using the Undo button. A voltage-controlled amplifier is used to keep the signal path extremely short. Equipped with 2 outputs (RCA) as an additional function. One has an adjustable volume so you can run through your headphone amp and use it as a tone and balance controller. This is an excellent feature that allows you to compensate for weaknesses in recordings and adjust the sound to your liking. The variable output allows direct connection to a power amplifier or active loudspeaker. In this way, the Transrotor headphone amplifier becomes a preamplifier with tone control.

This headphone amplifier uses high-quality components and careful design to deliver accurate and detailed sound reproduction, the headphone output provides 200 mA at 5-10 ohms, so it works perfectly with a wide variety of headphones.

The volume has a control range of -80 to +20 db. It has advanced features such as gain and EQ settings to suit the user's personal preferences.

The Transrotor headphone amplifier is compatible with a wide range of headphones, both low-impedance and high-impedance models. It offers high output power to efficiently power the most demanding headphones.

In short, the Transrotor headphone amplifier is an ideal choice for audiophiles who want tone control to enjoy excellent sound with precise tone control.


    Headphone output: 200 mA at 5 to 10 ohms.
    Volume control range: -80 to +20 dB,
    Channel balance: <0.4
    Balance adjustment range: +/- 10 dB
    Tone control: in the bass range from 100 Hz (10 dB control range)
    And in the treble range from 8 kHz (adjustment range 10 dB)
    Defeat" button bypasses tone and balance settings
    Outputs (RCA): one fixed output and one volume-adjustable output