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Transrotor Crescendo

Transrotor Crescendo

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The Crescendo Transrotor turntable has an exceptional design with a unique concept.

TMD bearing model

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With its 25 kg, this model is a heavyweight! The three-cornered central frame is made of an acrylic/aluminium/acrylic sandwich frame. Four pucks connect the three-layer frame for a very effective cushioning.


  • Upgradeable turntable with up to 3 arms
  • Konstant studio power supply
  • comes with a high-quality Merlo Reference MC cartridge
  • delivered with a black RB 880 tone arm
  • 3-layer sandwich chassis 
  • TMD bearing

The Crescendo has an exceptional design with a unique concept. The fit and finish is exemplary. The solid platter, the frame and all elements are all superbly machined. Even the support system, a trio of height-adjustable conical legs, is precision-machined. The bases of the pucks are precisely machined to fit the cones.

The frame is a sandwich construction consisting of two three-sided 20mm acrylic plates, sandwiching another 5mm polished aluminium plate. The structure is extremely strong and designed to eliminate vibrational distortion. An adjustable swivel arm is also sandwiched within the structure and can be adjusted to provide the correct angle and distance for all arm designs. Up to three different arms and cells can be used in each.

The solid 70mm tabletop weighs 10kg, is machined from solid aluminium and polished to a mirror finish. Transrotor has carved a deep cavity under the platter with concentric rings in the inner recess, which has the effect of attenuating acoustic resonance and inherent parasitic vibrational distortion. The cavity houses the two-part bearing/sub-platter system as well as the motor and belt pulley. The body and platter of the Crescendo thus conceal the drive mechanisms, resulting in a visually clean appearance.

The main body of the motor is located under the turntable and passes under the platter through a precise cut-out in the chassis. The pulley is connected to the belt and wraps around an aluminium roller system. While the lower section of the bearing structure is driven by the belt connected to the motor via a pulley, the upper part of the bearing is driven by its TMD (Transrotor Magnet Drive) magnetic coupling via integrated shielded neodymium magnets. This ingenious system allows for almost zero vibration distortion to be transmitted to the platter system while being very stable at speed.

The Crescendo Transrotor with Konstant Studio power supply is a magnificent example of mechanical and material engineering. It is machined and built to the highest industrial standards. TMD technology makes the system quiet and smooth and helps control resonant distortion and vibration isolation of the system.

The entire assembly is machined to perfection, with each element of the turntable fitted to very high tolerances with superb precision.

Transrotor official catalogue

Transrotor official catalogue-FR

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Transrotor official catalogue-DE

Transrotor official catalogue-DE

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Data sheet

Rega RB 880
MC Merlo Référence
3-layer sandwich
aluminium 70mm
51 x 39 x 22 cm
35 kg