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Transrotor MAX

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Transrotor Max: accessible perfection

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Transrotor strikes again with the Max, a turntable that draws inspiration from the success of the Fat Bob, while making it accessible to a wider range of audiophiles.

A concentrate of technologies

Make no mistake, the Max is not a simple rehash of the Fat Bob at a lower price. Transrotor has managed to retain the essence of this iconic model, while adapting it for a tighter budget.

A massive and inert chassis

The base of the Max is a massive aluminum chassis, machined from the solid with extreme precision. This imposing block guarantees optimum stability and a total absence of parasitic vibrations.

A heavy and precise platter

The aluminum platter, weighing over 7 kg, also contributes to the reduction of vibrations and the smoothness of the rotation. Its precisely machined surface provides a perfect base for your vinyls.

An evolutionary drive system

The Max comes with a separate motor that is placed to the left of the turntable. Speed ​​change is done manually by moving the belt on the lower bearing.

But the Max doesn't stop there! It is upgradeable and allows you to add a second Konstant Eins power supply for automatic speed change. You can also install an additional tonearm, for an even more immersive listening experience.

A turntable for enthusiasts

The Transrotor Max is an exceptional turntable that will delight the most demanding audiophiles. Its robust construction, high-quality components and elegant design make it a real object of desire.

Strong points :

  • High quality manufacturing
  • Solid aluminum chassis
  • Heavy aluminum platter (approx. 7 kg)
  • Upgradeable: possibility to add a second tonearm and a Konstant Eins power supply
  • Elegant design

The Transrotor Max is a turntable that will accompany you for many years of intense musical listening.

For audiophiles looking for an exceptional turntable at an affordable price, the Transrotor Max is a must-have.

Transrotor max

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Transrotor official catalogue

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Transrotor official catalogue-DE

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Data sheet

Solid aluminium
Aluminium, approx. 7 kg
(W x D x H): 44 x 33 x 17 cm
20 kg