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Spatial mc Series Zero

Spatial mc Series Zero


Our ZERO is the perfect introduction to our world and the exit from bland normality.

Or to put it another way: this is where listening fun begins

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MC Series ZERO is one of the smallest open baffle speakers in the world. But be not mistaken, size, as is so often the case, is not decisive.

Custom chassis with ultra thin and super stiff polyamide 3d-print piece on the 12inch coax membrane in front of the high frequency exit in order to couple the compression driver at a lower frequency

Special Features: Sealed compression driver; Kimber cabling; Jantzen coils; Mundorf capacitors; Oyaide phosphor bronze flat bed connectors; WBT nextgen copper loudspeaker connectors; SPATIAL Europe fire bronze ball spikes – optionally SPATIAL Europe Isolation feet; tailored to the weight of the speaker

Nature: Uncomplicated for both good transistor and tube amplifiers from 8 watts

Recommend placement: Distance from loudspeaker leading edge to rear wall from 50 cm; listening distance from 2 m; listening room size from 12 sqm.

Recommend amplifiers: Spatial Europe AMP Nº2, Auris, T+A

Recommend cables: Spatial Europe Wire Nº1, O2a, aktyna

Data sheet

80 x 40 x 6,8 cm
20,5 kg
Frequency response
45 Hz à 19 kHz
2 voies
93 dB/W/m
4 ohms
1 x 12" Bass Custom + 1 x 12" Coax Custom