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Spendor D 9.2

Spendor D 9.2

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The Excellence of Spendor D-Series: A New Standard in High-End Audio

  • Improved low-frequency articulation and midrange dynamics
  • Proprietary 22 mm LPZ tweeter
  • dedicated 18 cm Spendor EP77 polymer midrange driver
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK

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The Excellence of Spendor D-Series: A New Standard in High-End Audio

For a long time, Spendor's reputation has been built around the Classic series, the iconic speaker model of the English brand. However, with the D series, this British company demonstrates that it also masters the art of true high-end audio.

A Reinvented Design

The speakers of the Spendor D series are radically different from the traditional models of the brand. No more compact monitors that require specific stands, but rather slender and elegant columns. These new speakers, with their walnut finish, often intrigue visitors who do not immediately recognize the Spendor signature.

An Evolution Towards High-End

The D series began in 2012 with the D7, a compact three-way floor-standing speaker that continued the legacy of the S series, launched ten years earlier. With the S series, Spendor had already initiated a transition towards sleeker designs and an acoustics favoring bandwidth and neutrality. The D7 solidified this evolution, proving that Spendor could excel in the high-end segment.

Performance and Technical Innovations

The Spendor D9.2 speaker represents a significant advancement over previous models. This floor-standing speaker is distinguished by its dynamic performance, deep bass, precise resolution, open soundstage, and exceptional liveliness. Thanks to a sensitivity that suits tube amplifiers well, it received numerous accolades, especially after the 2019 update.

Ingenuity and Manufacturing Quality

Spendor's technical innovations are evident in every detail, such as the spikes integrated into the base plate, ensuring unparalleled stability. The cleverly placed connection terminal near the floor also contributes to better airflow management in the bass-reflex system. The in-house produced cabinets are of such high quality that many renowned manufacturers also have their products made there.

Advanced Materials and Technology

The drivers of the D series are designed and manufactured by Spendor. The 180 mm midrange driver is made from a polymer called EP77, while the woofers use a Kevlar-reinforced composite material. The tweeter, with its 22 mm polyamide dome, is covered by a highly polished metal plate, forming the "LPZ Tweeter" (Linear Pressure Zone), which harmonizes the pressure on both sides of the dome.

Unmatched Musical Experience

The Spendor D9.2 speakers shine with their subtlety and rich timbre, ideal for classical music lovers. They also excel in more intense programs, offering impressive dynamics and power. They reveal hidden details in orchestral recordings, allowing a rediscovery of musical works.


The three-way design of the D9.2 ensures powerful and expansive music reproduction. Its transparency, natural sound, and exceptional resolution invite exploration of every nuance in recordings. With perfect proportions and elegant finish options, the D9.2 speakers harmoniously fit into any high-end audio system, both sonically and visually.


  • Improved low-frequency articulation and midrange dynamics thanks to a nearly "silent" cabinet construction utilizing Spendor Dynamic Damping and the Formula One-inspired 5th Generation bass-reflex port.
  • Proprietary 22 mm LPZ tweeter, dedicated 18 cm Spendor EP77 polymer midrange driver, and two 18 cm Kevlar composite woofers deliver pure vocals, fast clean bass, precision, and excellent dynamic expression.
  • Precisely calibrated and matched crossover networks with custom-made, dual-layer, gold-plated circuit boards enhance driver integration and ensure a balanced sound spectrum.
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK, ensuring the highest quality.

With the D series, Spendor continues to affirm its place among the leaders in the high-end audio sector, combining innovation, quality, and performance for an unparalleled listening experience.

Specification Details
Type 3-way floor-standing speaker
Drivers Tweeter: 1 x 22mm LPZ polyamide
Midrange: 1 x 180mm polymer
Woofers: 2 x 180mm Kevlar composite
Crossover Frequencies 500 Hz, 4.2 kHz
Frequency Response 27 Hz - 25 kHz
Impedance 8 ohms
Recommended Amplification 25 - 250W
Sensitivity 90 dB
Dimensions (HxWxD) 1250 x 210 x 398 mm
Weight 35 kg
Finishes Black oak, walnut, oak, satin white, cherry

Spendor D9.2

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Data sheet

Spendor D 9.2
Frequency response
27 Hz - 25 kHz
8 ohms
HxWxD 1250 x 210 x 398 mm
35 kg
250 watts
90 dB
Black oak, walnut, oak, satin white, cherry