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Spendor D7.2

Spendor D7.2

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SPENDOR D7.2: An Unparalleled Listening Experience

  • Dynamic and Pure Sound: Reveals every nuance with absolute clarity.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Works with all types of amplifiers.
  • Refined Cabinet Design: Enhanced rigidity and sophisticated damping.
  • High-Precision Tweeter: Linear Pressure Zone (LPZ) technology for improved dispersion.
  • Elegant Finish Options: Five real wood veneers to suit any decor.

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SPENDOR D7.2: An Unparalleled Listening Experience

The Spendor D7.2 speakers offer a dynamic and pure sound experience, revealing every nuance of the performance with absolute clarity and resolution. Thanks to a sophisticated design, these speakers do not require precise placement in the listening room. Compatible with any type of amplifier, whether it’s a low-powered tube amplifier or a powerful transistor amplifier, the D7.2 is easy to drive and highly efficient.

Subtle Innovations and High Performance

At first glance, the D7.2 might appear identical to its previous version. However, Spendor's engineers have worked tirelessly to make significant, albeit discreet, improvements. The 95 cm high cabinet has been revised with asymmetrical bracing and low-mass polymer dampers, making the structure more rigid and providing a stable base for the drive units.

The already solid and well-damped cabinet is available in five real wood veneer finishes: Black Ash, Cherry, Dark Walnut, Natural Oak, and Satin White. The magnetically held grilles are designed to minimize sound degradation when in use.

A Precise Tweeter

The distinctive LPZ (Linear Pressure Zone) tweeter features a stainless steel front plate forming a damped acoustic chamber in front of the woven polyamide diaphragm. This allows the diaphragm to operate more linearly by balancing air pressures on both sides, minimizing phase issues, and improving dispersion.

Performance in Electronic Music

During our tests, the D7.2 took a few days to reveal their full potential. Initially, the sound might seem thin and forward, but it stabilizes over time. Once broken in, these speakers demonstrate impressive responsiveness and agility. For example, when listening to high-impact electronic tracks, the D7.2 respond with remarkable speed and power, accurately reproducing every sonic detail.

Classical Music: A Sonic Revelation

When listening to complex classical pieces, such as orchestral symphonies, the D7.2 exhibit balanced tonality and perfect integration between the drivers. They create an expansive and well-structured soundstage, even during the most dynamic and complex passages.

Smoothness and Precision on Ballads

Even with quieter and more introspective tracks, the D7.2 shine with their high resolution while remaining coherent and rhythmically stable. They allow listeners to dive into the details of the recordings while offering an immersive and enjoyable listening experience.


The Spendor D7.2 speakers require special attention to placement to fully exploit their impressive transparency and resolving power. However, once properly set up, they deliver exceptional sound performance and an unparalleled listening experience.


  • Elegant design offering finely textured sound with deep, wide sound images.
  • LPZ tweeter with 22 mm, 18 cm Spendor EP77 polymer mid/bass driver, and Kevlar composite bass driver for a voluminous sound with pure vocals, fast and precise bass, and excellent dynamic expression.
  • Sophisticated, rigid cabinet using Spendor Dynamic Damping technology, ensuring exceptional sound transparency.
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK.
Description 2.5-way floorstanding speaker
Cabinet type Rigid asymmetrical cabinet with bracing and dynamic damping
Port type Spendor linear flow fifth generation, double tapered port
Connection terminals Precision recessed binding posts, single pair
Typical in-room response 29Hz - 25kHz
Power handling 200 watts unclipped program
Recommended amplifier 25-200 watts
Sensitivity 90dB for 1 watt at 1 meter
Nominal impedance 8 ohms (min 5.0)
Tweeter (HF) 22mm polyamide LPZ dome
Mid/bass driver 18 cm EP77 polymer cone mid/bass driver
Bass driver (LF) 18 cm Kevlar® composite cone bass driver
Crossover frequency 900Hz, 3.2kHz
Net weight 21.2 kg
Height 980 mm
Width 192 mm
Depth 333 mm
Finishes Black oak, walnut, oak, satin white, cherry
Base Satin black
Accessories Height adjustable spike feet, magnetic grille

Spendor D7.2

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Data sheet

Frequency response
29Hz - 25kHz
8 ohms
HxWxD : 980 x 192 x 333 mm
21.2 kg
200 watts
Black oak, walnut, oak, satin white, cherry