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Sorane ZA 12

Sorane ZA 12

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The ZA-12 tone arm is the purist's preferred option for medium to low compliance phono cells. A solid aluminium arm cut from the ground up

ZA 12 B
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The ZA-12 tone arm is an ideal alternative for purists.

It is a non-tapered tone arm design, with a rectangular dimension that has been cut from the ground. The arm's wiring is separate to preserve the integrity of the analogue signal that passes through the separate channels. It's an arm that gives your medium to low compliance phono cell everything it needs for good performance.

Dual Pivot Suspension for exceptional sound quality!

The quality of a tone arm is measured by its sensitivity and stability in recovering delicate signals. The bearings play a crucial role in this. The ZA12 is equipped with a double-pivot suspension, which advantageously replaces two sets of thin radial bearings.

This ultra-fine and precise suspension allows extended sound reproduction up to high frequencies without limits, even for very low sounds. The sound is clear and detailed, for an unforgettable listening experience.

Counterbalance shaft damping for vibration-free listening

To dampen tone arm movements, the counterbalance shaft consists of two tubes: a brass tube on the inside and a Delrin tube on the outside. The two are connected by an outer rubber ring, fixed with rubber adhesive.

The rectangular arm is machined from a solid block of aluminium for rich, tight bass reproduction. The ZA-12's low resonant frequency allows for excellent bass reproduction.

The tone arm wires are separated for maximum stereo separation. The geometry of the ZA12 has been chosen to give excellent sound for all types of music, from old classic recordings to new audiophile recordings.

This tone arm is specifically designed to deliver the best of all musical styles, from the oldest to the newest. Its shape allows it to find the right balance between the Stevenson geometry, perfect for classical music, and the Lofgren geometry, optimal for modern audiophile recordings. The SORANE ZA-12 is machined in one piece, which gives it an excellent stability and a good inertia. Its anodised aluminium arm guarantees optimal sound quality and excellent bass reproduction.


ZA12 - ZA12-B

Whole Length ● 416mm
Effective Length (Tonearm pivot - stylus) ● 322mm
Practical Length (Tonearm pivot - Spindle) ● 310mm
Overhang ● 12mm
Offset angle ● 16.5°
Horizontal moving sensitivity ● 30mg
Vertical moving sensitivity ● < 20mg
Vertical Tracking Force (VTF) range ● 0 - 5 g
Adaptable Cartridge weight range ● 5 - 60g
Height Adjustment(Plinth to arm wand centerline) ● 19 - 35mm
Vertical Bearing ● Double bearing pivot Miniature Radial Bearing(840 2 pieces)
Pivot miniature bearing (TC-3 2pieces)
Horizontal Bearing ● Minature Radial Bearing 1280
Output plug ● RCA (XLR : Option)
Output cable ● Shieled stranded copper wire
Tonearm Audio Lead wire ● OFC 4N Copper
Tonearm Net Weight ● 995

Catalogue Sorane

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manual Sorane ZA12

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