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Feickert volare

Feickert Volare

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Dr. Feickert's Volare turntable is absolutely amazing!

The Volare turntable offers a classic, standard-sized appearance with flawless engineering and construction. You don't need any superfluous controls or gimmicks to appreciate the quality of this belt-driven, manually operated turntable.

Turntable sold without arm, without cell and without cable

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Dr. Feickert's Volare turntable is rock solid and offers pure analog sound.

The Volare is one of the best turntables in terms of build quality, ease of installation, function, design, beauty and above all SOUND.

It does not hum or vibrate. It runs quietly with virtually no motor noise when starting up. The platter starts up quickly.

Installing the turntable is a breeze with the included alignment card. You can adjust the stylus overhang and tracking force with ease. The adjustments (VTA) for the arms may require a little more dexterity, but that won't be a problem if you don't intend to constantly change the cartridge.

Volare is not just a slogan, it is a reality!

Everything has been developed from scratch to create a new, compact and elegant turntable. This new design has all the virtues that Dr. Feickert is known for: perfect neutrality, elegance of appearance and beautiful workmanship, to name but a few.

It has not been an easy road, but thanks to repeated testing and refinement, this new design has become a benchmark not only in its product range. Motivation came not only from distributors and dealers, but also from potential customers who asked for a less expensive model that preserves the ideals of design, sound and build quality. The answer is yes, we have succeeded in creating this affordable turntable without making any compromises.

The new chassis topology focuses on a high mass in the centre of the bearing. This new bearing is extremely rigid and robust, yet has a low coefficient of friction. High internal inertia and a wet sump approach make this bearing a perfect partner for our high-torque engine, resulting in low rumble and smooth operation.

And finally, the sound is simply incredible!

The Volare will transport you to another dimension with its exceptional sound quality.

Technical Details :

Dimensions: 420 x 360 x 125 mm (W x D x H)

Weight: 17.5kg (without arm)

Axis distance: 205 - 240 mm (9 - 10" effective length)

Standard version: Black and Aluminium

Optional wood veneer

DC motor, internal speed control with fine adjustment

Speeds: 33, 45 & 78 rpm


Plateau en Aluminium  ( Plateau en POM en option)

Couvercle de protection (en option)