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Block CVR 200

Block CVR 200

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Blu-Ray Internet receiver with 2x 100 watts of pure music power. Streaming and video in one device - only the CVR-200 can do that.

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Blu-Ray CD & DVD drive
2x 100 watts of power
Colour display
FM | DAB+ | Internet radio
Gold-plated speaker connections

The monster!
Power, strength and ability, that describes the CVR-200 best! With it, you don't just listen to music, it transforms any living room into a concert and cinema hall! If you don't want your neighbours to overhear, you can easily connect it to commercially available Bluetooth headphones (please check with your dealer beforehand whether the headphones you want to use have the "call waiting function"). With a power of 2 x 100 watts at 2 x 2 speaker outputs, an A & B circuit and an exceptional sound quality, it can convince not only technology lovers. The new generation now also plays Blu-Ray. In addition, the CVR-200 includes playback functions such as: Spotify Connect, Bluetooth, USB, DVD, CD, Internet radio, FM, DAB+, Connected Room and network streaming. The unit can be operated via the home TV remote control, the free smartphone app and the included system remote control.

    Connected Room
    Triple radio: Internet radio | DAB+ | FM
    CD/Blu-ray player: CD, MP3, CD-R, CD-RW, HD-CD, DVD & Blu-ray
    Media player: USB front port & streaming UPnP | DLNA)
    USB rear port for MP4
    WLAN & LAN connection
    Bluetooth Wireless Streaming | Receiver & Transmitter
    Spotify® Connect Ready
    Headphone jack & line-in (front)
    Amplifier: 2x 100 Watt | 4 Ohm
    2x 2 speaker outputs (A, B, A and B)
    Remote control learning function
    Incl. system remote control
    Available in diamond silver and sapphire black

Network function:
    Up to 5 units can be coupled
    Colour display, metal housing, system remote control, logo embossing in top plate, remote control learning function.
    Bluetooth transmitter: When connecting to Bluetooth headphones, please ensure that your headphones support an automatic "handshake" function.


Manuel Block CVR 200

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Test CVR 200 DE

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Blu-Ray Internet receiver with 2x 100 watts of pure music power.

Data sheet

2x 100 watts
Analogue inputs
1 x AUX 300 mV, 1 x TV, 1 x DVD 1 x LineIn (Front) | HDMI
Digital inputs
1x USB, 3x Optical, 1x Coaxial
Analogue outputs
Headphones (6.3 mm), Pre-Out, Rec-Out
A | B | AB switchable
Frequency response
10 Hz - 26 KHz
Tone control
Bass | Treble ± 14 dB
Frequency range FM
87.5 - 108 MHz
Frequency range DAB+
174.928 MHz - 239.200 MHz
Internet radio
over 30,000 stations worldwide
Station presets
10 each for FM | DAB+ | Internet radio
File formats
Bluetooth transmitter & receiver | DLNA | UPnP with "UNDOK" APP
Streaming services
Spotify® Connect-Ready
LAN (Ethernet) and WLAN 2.4 & 5 GHz and Bluetooth
Blu-ray & CD compatibility
Power consumption "Off":
0.01 Watt
Power consumption "network standby"
2.5 watts
Power consumption "Operation"
300 watts (max.)
Dimensions W x H x D
430 x 121.5 x 330
Weight (kg)