T+A G 2000 R

T+A G 2000 R

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T+A has succeeded in developing a completely silent and smooth drive motor for the G 2000 R turntable


The record player

Contrary to all predictions, the vinyl record has been able to maintain and even consolidate its raison d'être in recent decades. 

When it was almost displaced by the CD in the early 1990s, many people missed the characteristics of this medium, especially the materiality and the subjectively perceived warmer sound. Although vinyl was considered impractical and bulky compared to the CD, it was precisely for this reason that it had an advantage over the new media: a unique character. 

We have further developed and improved the successful G 1260 R turntable from the old R series in order to be able to offer a device for the playback of high-quality analogue media in the new R series that sets standards both with its sound characteristics and its unique design. Although the vinyl record is an "old" medium, modern turntables have to be designed and developed in a very complex way to get the best out of the vinyl record. Therefore, we have tried to keep the mechanical and electrical influences from outside as low as possible.

This is how we succeeded in developing a completely silent and smooth drive motor for the G 2000 R and in creating an absolutely quiet and resonance-free overall system that reduces structure-borne sound, resonances and vibrations to a minimum. The result is an exceptional sound that is absolutely transparent, extremely dynamic and commanding. 

Our record player comes with a variety of equipment options. We strongly recommend the use of our PH E-G R MC phono preamplifier module directly in the chassis.  For the tonearm, we use a modified version from Clearaudio with a likewise modified MC system. But of course the G 2000 R can also be supplied without tonearm and phono cell.

T+A set two priorities in the development: 

Firstly, on a completely silent and smooth drive motor, and secondly, on the avoidance of structure-borne noise, resonances and vibrations in the entire system.

We use a high-quality synchronous motor whose precisely turned pulley drives the platter via a ground special rubber belt. Such a design has proven itself - it is also used by many other high-end turntables. But we didn't settle for that, we went straight to the root of the evil of irregular motor running. In contrast to pure vinyl specialists, we were able to gain enormous experience in controlling complex processes with the help of digital signal processors thanks to our great competence in electronics development.

This is how the developers at T+A came up with the ingenious idea of using DSP to precisely optimise the curve shape of the motor coil voltage in order to make the motor run completely smoothly and without jerks or vibrations. Even the start-up of the heavy chainring is smooth and even with torque control. The synchronisation fluctuations of the motor are no longer measurable and the disturbances common with uncontrolled motors therefore no longer exist. The otherwise unavoidable dependence on the mains frequency and voltage is eliminated. Another major advantage of the DSP motor control is that it directly controls the speed, so that with the available speeds of 33 and 45, the belt does not have to be changed manually.

The turntable’s case was also designed to eliminate judder and vibration, again with the aim of maximizing sound quality. For this reason the G 2000 R is housed in a case made of solid MDF, which has excellent damping characteristics; all the sub-assemblies are located in this component. The turntable body is mounted on four shock absorbers. 

The external aluminum parts are of sandwich construction in order to absorb structural sound, while the aluminum case cover is bonded to the body, thereby suppressing and absorbing vibration and resonances. 

The heavy pressure-cast disc platter is manufactured using an accurate machining tool, fine-turned and mounted on an inner zinc platter for isolation. The friction of the large support surface isolates the platter perfectly, and prevents any last trace of structural sound. The heavy disc mat, made of soft silicone rubber, has the same effect, and also avoids damage to the delicate vinyl discs. The net result is that the disc platter is acoustically dead, and offers best possible conditions for the pickup system to make contact with the disc without suffering interference. The zinc platter can only be produced using the very latest automatic CNC machines, since it undergoes a further precision machining process after the platter shaft has been press-fitted. This process ensures absolute precision in the whole mechanical system. The plain brass bush and hardened, polished steel shaft are made to a tolerance of 5 μm.

Catalogue R-Series EN

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User manual G 2000 R

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Data sheet

Crystal-controlled synchronous motor with precise DSP-controlled optimisation of the motor coil voltage curve.
Belt-drive High-End mechanism in special heavy chassis
33 1⁄3 and 45 rpm, electronically switched
Pressure-cast aluminium, weight 3.8kg, with silicone rubber mat
Bearing technology
Hardened, polished steel shaft, close-tolerance plain brass bush