T+A PA 2500 R

T+A PA 2500 R

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PA 2500 R

Integrated amplifier

Twice the size, more output power and even more connection possibilities


PA 2500 R

Integrated amplifier

Twice the size, more output power and even more connection possibilities - the PA 2500 R exceeds the specifications of the PA 2000 R in many areas, but its character in terms of sound quality is in no way inferior to that of its little brother.

This does not go without saying, as very powerful amplifiers often give up the finer points of dynamics and detail. Our PA 2500 R integrated amplifier avoids this danger: its basic circuit is the same as that of the PA 2000 R, and even the layout of the printed circuit boards is identical. However, its heat sinks are twice as large and its enclosure can accommodate two of our new high-performance power supplies, enabling it to deliver more than 280 watts of continuous power per channel into 4-ohm speakers. The amplifier is therefore able to effortlessly control extremely phase and impedance critical loudspeakers. The PA 2500 is even more powerful than the smaller unit, but retains exactly the same dynamic and cultured sound.

The quality of any output stage is determined to a very large extent by the mains supply as well as the circuit topology. Mains supply units must be as stable and resilient as possible, to ensure that the voltage they generate does not collapse, even when very high peaks are encountered. In conventional equipment, this requires very large transformers, but the limited space available in the low-profile R-series machines prompted our engineers to develop an ingenious alternative solution: a regulated, high-frequency sine wave power supply with generous reservoir capacity, capable of delivering up to 1,200 watts without problems. The mains supply can deliver very large amounts of current extremely quickly, even when the peak signal gradient is high. 

Our experience in building amplifiers over a period of thirty years has taught us the importance of the quality of the audiophile modules for the final result in terms of sound quality, which is why we choose our components with great care and then select them according to strict criteria, in order to guarantee optimal characteristics for each specific application.

We use low-loss mica capacitors with silver electrodes, zero induction resistors, low-noise precision audio resistors and gold or rhodium-plated nickel-free terminals specially made for T+A.

Many of these components have been developed for military applications and therefore meet stringent quality and durability requirements.

Another in-house development for the latest R-series is a completely new and very fast data bus for data exchange between devices, which allows an entire system to be controlled with a single remote control.

Furthermore, if the system includes an MP 2000 R, the equipment can be controlled using the T+A app for iOS or Android.

Both amplifiers are equipped with a sophisticated protection circuit that lies outside the signal path and therefore cannot have a negative effect on the sound quality. The protection circuit constantly compares the input signal before the output stage with the output signal, and instantly cuts the output relays if it detects any deviation (clipping, distortion, etc.). The protection circuit also triggers in case of overheating or short circuit on the outputs. All the electronic control circuits of the devices are embedded in the solid aluminium front profile, where the shielding effect is remarkable. The front panel has a dimmable display (VFD) and dimmable control buttons.

User manual phono amplifier

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User manual PA 2500 R

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Data sheet

3x balanced (XLR) 4x high level (RCA)
Nominal output per channel
into 2 Ohms 560 Watts into 4 Ohms 280 Watts into 8 Ohms 140 Watts
Frequency Response + 0 / - 3 dB
Double mono with HV-Technology, 2 power supplies