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Offer Soulines Kubrick DCX

Offer Soulines Kubrick DCX

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Sorane TA-1 arm
Hana EH cell
Perfect vibration control
Geometries and holes calibrated according to the principles of the Golden Number

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Kubrick high-end turntable
A revolutionary new turntable has arrived in the world of high-end audio. Bearing the name Kubrick DCX, this is the most advanced turntable ever designed by Soulines audio. The secret of its excellence lies in a clever combination of design and technology.
At the heart of this technological marvel are an inverted main bearing and a state-of-the-art acrylic platter, both originally developed for the Hermes DCX model. To support these crucial elements, an extremely rigid aluminium plinth and sub-plinth have been meticulously designed. These structures are composed of blocks of various shapes, carefully arranged and strategically damped to maximise sound performance.
The very design of the aluminium blocks of the plinth and sub-plinth is based on renowned mathematical principles such as the golden ratio and the Fibonacci sequence. This approach ensures a uniform distribution of vibration damping and a reduction in the moment of inertia in all three planes (along the three axes) up to the centre of mass.

Despite its perhaps asymmetrical appearance, the Kubrick DCX is in fact perfectly balanced, ensuring smooth platter rotation and impeccable groove tracking.
The mechanics of this precision machine are based on a high-quality DC motor, specially optimised for use with a turntable. In addition to its ease of use and precise speed adjustment, it benefits from an electronically controlled power supply that ensures a stable current, guaranteeing smooth motor rotation.

The inverted main bearing, machined with extreme precision from solid brass and stainless steel, and the solid aluminium arm are mounted directly on the sub-base. This in turn is coupled at three points to the main base, an ingenious configuration designed to maximise sound performance while minimising acoustic disturbance. The motor itself is carefully mounted on the main plinth to ensure maximum stability.

The platter, an imposing 40 mm thick and weighing 3.2 kg, is made of acrylic with remarkable precision. Whether it can be used with or without a mat depends entirely on the user's preference, with the convenience of a 1.0mm recess in the centre of the top platter, designed to accommodate the disc's paper label. Acrylic proved to be the ideal material for the turntable cover.

To ensure an exceptional listening experience, the turntable is solidly supported by three adjustable solid aluminium cones that allow precise levelling and optimal coupling with the support surface. These support cones are cleverly coupled to the main plinth using cork-rubber washers of varying diameters, offering unrivalled control over vibration transmission.

In short, the Kubrick DCX represents a significant technological advance in the world of high-end turntables, combining elegant aesthetics with unrivalled sonic performance. A must-have masterpiece for demanding audiophiles.

Technical specifications
    - Motor: High-performance DC motor, electronically controlled power supply
    - Drive: Belt drive
    - Speed: 33.33 and 45.00 RPM, with fine adjustment screw
    - Bearings: Inverted solid brass / stainless steel bearing, Delrin thrust bearing
    - Turntable: Laminated acrylic, thickness 40mm | weight 3.2 kg
    - Chassis: Multi-layer aluminium baseboard, sub-baseboard and motor baseboard, mechanically coupled and cork/rubber damped
    - Finish: Silver powder coating
    - Power supply: AC 230 V/50 Hz; 12V/300mA
    - Dimensions: 470x350x160mm (WxDxH) overall; 400x350mm (WxD) footprint
    - Weight: 15 kg
    - Weight: 1.3 kg
    - Warranty: 2 years

    Accessories included:

◦    Torneam 9" Sorane TA-1

◦    Cartridge Hana EH

◦ 3 interchangeable 9" arm supports: Jelco, SME, Rega/Origin Live/Audio Note
◦ acrylic dust cover
◦ cork/rubber platter cover
◦ Protractor